I’ve created an account on the social media network to understand why and how designers share their work.

The double diamond process was launched in 2004 by the British Design Council. Afterwards, they re-assessed it and created an “evolved” version too, focusing on innovation for all, rather than design only. They’ve also added and described a list of principles covering areas as product management, human-centred processes and visual design.

Double diamond process published by the British Council

Designer trying to explain why early research is important

How do we look back in our field?

Collection of art pieces shown in a grid with a search bar on top
Thousands of pieces of art are available for everyone with a decent internet connection https://harvardartmuseums.org/collections

Plugins can help us get rid of redundant tasks

Quick preview into how a plugin could make our UI design process more efficient

This is is a satire.

Experimenting with a basic principle

I asked people to get an Uber using their memories alone.

A large amount of bycicles piled together at the central station in Amsterdam

How would you feel like meeting 100 of your users in the same place?

Illustration of 100 little doodle styled people doing different things. They are arranged in 6 rows

  • Primary: observations in the field, conducting interviews, usability tests, collecting surveys, diaries
  • Secondary: desk research

Teisanu Tudor

Clever metaphors, that’s what I love. More about me: https://chaos-machine.github.io/tudorteisanu/

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